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Empower every independent filmmaker and creator on the planet




Independent Box Office Screening System (iBoss)

We are a Film Technology, Production & Distribution company empowering a new independent filmmaker and creator economy. We've meticulously crafted platforms, services and resources to streamline independent artistic pursuits and paving the way for expansion. Beyond our commercial role, we stand as a dedicated movement, focused on elevating the narratives of independent filmmakers & creators worldwide.

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Louis Joseph

Founder and CEO

Louis Joseph founded iBoss Entertainment in 2021 to empower independent filmmakers and creators and expand digital storytelling worldwide. His passion for supporting independent filmmakers stems from his experience as an actor and filmmaker, an entrepreneur in various ventures, and involvement in community-building initiatives.  

Growing up, aside from sports and academia, Louis expressed his creative side through art and music. He attended the New England Conservatory of Music, playing the oboe and saxophone, and competed in several competitions for sketching.  Like many, he put his creative passion to the side, to pursue a corporate professional career in Systems Engineering & Technology Architect.  Gaining innovative skills and experience led him on a path to exploring entrepreneurial opportunities. Although he found success in these work avenues for years, his fire to return to the arts never burned out and he began to fulfill his acting career professionally and founded iBoss Entertainment.  


Inspired by the constant support of his family and his new role as a father, Louis developed iBoss Entertainment as a family business.  He brought along several family members as part of the team to further support the mission of creating an empowering community for individuals and creatives who may not have access to that. The iBoss Entertainment team embraces the filmmaker and creator communities as their extended family.  


When Louis isn’t on camera or creating, he is busy chasing his 2 year old son Louis Joseph III around the house, maintaining routines to support his health & fitness and spending time with his family and friends.

Nick Joseph

Product Strategist

Nick Joseph joins the iBoss team alongside his brother Louis, bringing years of technical experience into the creator community.   Nick graduated from Colby College in 2015 with a degree in Physics. He has been working in the cloud tech space since then, as a Pre-Sales Solutions Engineer.  As a Product Advisor, he utilizes his skills to build out and provide iBoss users with the best platform for their independent creative expression.  

Growing up in a family full of creatives has had a lasting impact on Nick, and he is dedicated to leading the team in developing spaces that support the growth and expression of creators. Nick is also deeply passionate about hip-hop music and media content, and leverages knowledge of that industry to help develop products that are beneficial to the iBoss community. 

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Amrita Khalsa

Director of Marketing

As a leader in education, Amrita Khalsa has a passion for organizing and developing strategic plans for programs and initiatives.  Throughout her career as an educator, she has been able to wear various hats that support the direction of an organization.  Through iBoss, she will be expressing her creative side in building out community experiences and content that will draw users and maintain positive relationships.   

Regine Joseph

Creative Director

Regine Joseph joins the iBoss team alongside her brother Louis, to collaborate with creatives to produce fresh and innovative content. Her career in literature will support creatives in their expression and production of entertaining storylines. Regine has taught French and Caribbean literature at Queens College for the last ten years, and within her classes, student study novels, poems, plays, and films. This family venture allows Regine to challenge her skills outside of the classroom and help guide creatives in their content development.  

Malika Khalsa

Director of Community Outreach

As a trained educator and social worker, Malika Khalsa has seen how common it is for groups of people to be left out of spaces. Malika is passionate about leading the iBoss community’s outreach work to give back to the next generation of creatives, by exposing underrepresented youth to various aspects and pathways of success within the industry. Malika has spent the past 10 years as a program manager and director and has been able to develop and produce successful programs with necessary stakeholders. 

Although the peak of her entertainment career was in elementary school, playing a flying monkey in her school’s reenactment of The Wiz, she is excited to create avenues of opportunities for young people to access and express their creative side.  

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