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Empowering a New Independent Filmmakers and Creators Economy

independent Box Office Screening System

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Independent  doesn't have to be alone

Independence is at the heart of all that we do at iBoss Entertainment. We dare to innovate and find ways to empower independent filmmakers & creators all over the world.

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Production Resources

Accelerate production and discover quality service like, makeup artist, prop masters, cinematographers, Food services etc.. or find locations, sets, studios and more!!.. with OnSetters.

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Are your a filmmaker & creator?

Submit Your Films! Thru our growing and evolving distribution network,  accelerate visibility and reach. Earn revenue!

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CREATIVE Collaborations

​​Are you an Actor, Producer,  Cinematographer, Sound Expert, Makeup artist etc? Lets Collaborate! Join OnSetters Community and stay tuned to our up coming projects!



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