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Where to Find Independent Films Online

The landscape of cinema is changing rapidly. The tectonic shift from conventional movie theaters to the virtual world has opened doors for creators across the globe. Independent films, once buried in obscurity and only seen at select festivals, are now shining on platform thanks to the internet.

The internet has democratized the distribution of independent films, breaking down geographical barriers and offering an unmatched opportunity to discover a vast array of innovative cinema.

iBossTV is promoting the unique voices of indie filmmakers and providing cinephiles with a platform to explore and appreciate these masterpieces. Happy viewing!


WHO is iBossTV For?


    • Who love independent movies, series/web-series, documentaries and more!

    • Interested in discovering new and unique films that challenge conventional storytelling techniques and explore unconventional themes.

    • Film enthusiasts

    • Individuals who prefer to support independent filmmakers and production companies.

    • Interested in diverse perspectives and representations that are not typically seen in mainstream films.

    • Fans of niches and genres like drama, romance, action, faith-based, horror, thriller, sci-fi and more as well as many other independent films which may not receive wide theatrical releases.

  • FILMMAKERS: Independent filmmakers who are looking to showcase their work!


iBoss stands for Independent Box Office Screening System (iBoss). iBossTV is provided by iBoss Entertainment who’s on a mission to empower creative independence.

iBossTV Celebrates not just independent films but independent filmmakers and creators around the globe with amazing and unique stories to tell

Check out iBossTV and subscribe to VIP PASS! Some benefits of subscribing to iBossTV

  • Unlimited Access – Get unlimited access to a library of independent feature films, short films, documentaries, series, web-series and more!

  • NO Ads - Enjoy ad-free viewing. No interruptions!

  • Event VIP Access - With an iBossTV VIP PASS, you not only have access to independent streaming content but events hosted by iBossTV

  • Special Discounts– Enjoy discounts on content that are only available for Rental or Purchases

  • and More!


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