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Overcoming obstacles when distributing your film

Updated: May 28, 2023

Independent film distribution presents a unique set of challenges for filmmakers seeking to share their artistic visions with the world.

The Challenges Of Distributing Your Film

  • High Costs and Limited Budgets: The financial aspect of film distribution cannot be overlooked. Distributing a film involves substantial expenses, including marketing campaigns, promotion, prints, advertising, and digital distribution fees. Independent filmmakers, in particular, often operate on limited budgets, making it challenging to allocate sufficient resources for effective distribution. Limited financial resources can severely impact a film's visibility and reach.

  • Limited Access to Distribution Channels: One of the most significant challenges for independent filmmakers is the limited access to established distribution channels. Major studios and distributors often dominate the market, making it difficult for independent films to secure wide theatrical releases or prominent placement on popular streaming platforms. This lack of access hinders the visibility and reach of independent films, making it harder for them to find their audience.

  • Marketing and Promotion: Effective marketing and promotion play a crucial role in building anticipation and generating audience interest for a film. However, independent filmmakers often face challenges in this area due to budgetary constraints. Securing the necessary funds for a robust marketing campaign can be a daunting task. Additionally, competing against high-budget films with substantial marketing budgets can make it even more challenging for independent films to stand out and gain attention.

  • Audience Discovery: In a saturated market, independent films struggle with audience discovery. With so many films vying for attention, it can be difficult for independent filmmakers to break through the noise and connect with their target audience. Limited marketing resources and a lack of widespread distribution can hinder audience awareness, leading to a smaller potential viewership. Without proper exposure, independent films may remain hidden gems, undiscovered by the larger audience they deserve.

How iBoss Entertainment help filmmakers overcome film distribution challenges

iBoss stands for Independent Box Office Screening System (iBoss).

iBoss Entertainment's mission is to empower independent filmmakers and creators to take control of their creative journey from production to distribution.

Whether you are an indie filmmaker or distributor, with our growing iBoss Distribution Network, we aim to simplify the distribution process and help filmmakers and creators reach a larger audience. One of our arms of distribution is our VOD Streaming platform iBossTV (

iBossTV celebrates not just independent films but independent filmmakers and creators around the globe whether it be feature films, shorts films, web series, documentaries and more!

Benefits of Submitting your film, TV & Web Series, documentary and more to iBossTV


  • EARN Revenue Share with iBossTV iSRP

  • Personal iBossTV Bio Link

  • Participate in events

  • ​Get Free iBossTV Swag

  • Community shout-outs

  • Feature in our community newsletters

  • Invitation to participate in iBossTV SERIES: Meet The Creator WATCH ON iBossTV

  • ​Entry to iBossTV contest and chance to win prizes

  • Benefit first! as we innovate and evolve to help filmmakers reach more audiences!

Join the iBossTV Community and lets thrive together!

Submit Your film on iBossTV?

FILMMAKERS Submit your film to our VOD streaming platform iBossTV

DISTRIBUTORS You can contact us via our chat to learn more about distribution options and services


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