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Empowering the new independent filmmaker and creator economy


is in the works

Let your creative passion thrive.

We believe our ecosystem will empower a new independent filmmaker and creator economy and become one of the biggest segments in the Motion Picture Film, TV and Entertainment Industry. We’ve only just started, but we already know that it will require dedication and a daring attitude.


Discover Project Resources

Accelerate production and discover quality locations, sets, studios and more.


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Creative Independence

As filmmakers and creators ourselves, we  produce original filmed entertainment. Learn more about our up coming projects

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Distribution Versatility

Thru our growing and evolving distribution network,  accelerate visibility and reach of independent Motion Picture Film & Television projects while earning revenue


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Project Financing

Thru our financing partners we're able to connect creators with capital that continuously generate project cash flow

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Independent  doesn't have to be alone

Independent Box Office Screening System (iBoss)

Independence is at the heart of all that we do at iBoss Entertainment Corp. We dare to innovate and  find ways to empower independent filmmakers & creators all over the world.

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